Employer Pack Client Access
Accident and Investigation Form.docx (14.81 KB)
Accident, Incident, Near-Miss Report.docx (15.87 KB)
Acknowledgement of receipt DWC-1 Form.docx (18.41 KB)
Authorization to Mail Final Paycheck.docx (25.22 KB)
Code of Safe Practices (Vendor Contractors).docx (17.15 KB)
Drug Free Last Chance Agreement.docx (23.31 KB)
Drug Free Posting.pdf (234.03 KB)
Drug Free Workplace Kit (DHHS).pdf (23.36 MB)
DWC 1 Form for WC Claim.pdf (102.71 KB)
Employee Incident Report form.docx (16.51 KB)
Ergonomics for Workstation.doc (39.50 KB)
Ergonomics Self-Assessment.doc (261.00 KB)
Facility Inspection Form.docx (12.56 KB)
First Aid Kit Contents.pdf (16.59 KB)
First Aid Summary of Compliance Elements.pdf (35.45 KB)
First Aid Vs. Recordable Injury Regulations.pdf (112.87 KB)
Fleet Safety Program.docx (90.45 KB)
Heat Illness (CA).pdf (99.68 KB)
Medical Certification of Release to Return to Work.docx (12.33 KB)
Modified Duty -Temp Alternative Offer Letter.docx (15.24 KB)
Modified-Duty - Light Duty Offer Letter.docx (15.35 KB)
OSHA 300 Forms.pdf (693.45 KB)
OSHA Guidelines - Workplace Safety.pdf (354.13 KB)
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidelines.pdf (83.89 KB)
Pre-designation Form for Personal Physician or Chiropractor.docx (33.25 KB)
Reasonable Suspicion Investigation.pdf (50.13 KB)
Reasonable Suspicion Report.docx (14.91 KB)
Recordable Accident vs 1st Aid Comparison.pdf (88.10 KB)
Refusal of Medical Treatment Form.docx (15.90 KB)
Safety Supv Card for Work Comp Injuries.docx (15.49 KB)
Temporary Modified-Light Job Duty Offer Letter.docx (17.52 KB)
Training and Instruction Record.docx (12.29 KB)
Transitional Work Plan Agreement.docx (12.92 KB)
Warning Signals of Workers' Compensation Fraud.docx (16.42 KB)
WC Benefit Letter to Employee.docx (15.63 KB)
What to do When Accidents Happen.pdf (28.52 KB)
Witness Report.docx (12.85 KB)
Work Comp Checklist.docx (17.73 KB)
Workers Comp Return to work program.docx (14.14 KB)
Workplace Violence-misconduct report.docx (22.23 KB)