Employer Pack Client Access
Adverse Action Background Letter.docx (23.63 KB)
Applicant Acknowledgement Letter.docx (14.53 KB)
Applicant Rejection Letter (post interview).docx (15.43 KB)
Applicant Rejection Letter.docx (15.38 KB)
Background Checks _Per EEOC FTC_.pdf (82.03 KB)
Background Form.doc (38.00 KB)
Disclosure and Authorization Form for Background Investigation.docx (20.32 KB)
Driving Record Check Consent Form.docx (14.29 KB)
Driving Record Check-Letter to DMV.docx (14.56 KB)
Intern Offer Letter.docx (17.33 KB)
Interns- Creating an Internship Program.pdf (38.11 KB)
Interview Questions.docx (28.54 KB)
Interview Schedule and Notes Form.docx (22.08 KB)
Job Requisition Form.docx (28.86 KB)
LA Fair Chance Ordinance Posting.docx (13.90 KB)
Legal Guide For Interviewing -2018.pdf (96.92 KB)
Offer Letter Template.doc (32.00 KB)
Offer Work-Up Approval Form.pdf (402.48 KB)
Recruiting Process and Pre-Hire Checklist.pdf (31.20 KB)
Reference Check Letter- Former Employer.docx (15.09 KB)
Reference Check Letter-Personal.docx (14.52 KB)
Reference Phone Script.docx (15.02 KB)
Rescind Offer Letter - Positive Drug Test.docx (18.73 KB)
Rescind Offer Letter - Post Offer Physical.docx (20.12 KB)
Temporary Employee Offer Letter.docx (17.19 KB)